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Louise Nicholson

Louise Nicholson’s encyclopaedic knowledge of India is acclaimed. British born but now living in New York, Louise is an art historian by training. She has been studying India since the 70s and taking tours to India since 1985. Her 200 visits there (so far) keep her on top of her subject like few others.

Louise leads private tours to India for groups and offers consultancy and a full booking service for tailor-made trips to India for individuals. She also lectures and writes books on India including the National Geographic Traveler series guide book.

Her clients worldwide admire her ‘infectious enthusiasm on everything Indian from buildings to weaving, markets to festivals’. This is matched by ‘solid knowledge’, great ‘organisational skills’ and ‘tremendous sensitivity to our needs’. Her tours are described as ‘huge fun – I never thought I would laugh so much or learn so much’. Independent travelers praise her arrangements as ‘faultless; we could not have begun to achieve this by ourselves’. Whatever your India needs or interests, Louise welcomes your email: Louise@LouisesIndia.com .


Here are her tours for 2013-2014. Just email Louise for details and costs. Or, these may give you ideas for a tailor-made tour she can create just for you

October 6 – 18, 2013    Tribal India — villages, festivals, decoration and weaving, accompanied by Louise

Focusing on the fascinating and rarely visited tribal villages of rural Chhattishgarh in Eastern India, we shall take part in the amazing climax to the 9-day Dussehra festival. We meet tribal people in their villages set in undulating untouched countryside; we visit superb medieval Hindu temples and master weavers. This is drop of paradise that will soon be destroyed thanks to new unrestricted mining for this region's mineral wealth. Come now before a culture and its setting are lost forever. Louise@LouisesIndia.com




February 1 – 15, 2014   North India Uncovered, Mumbai to Delhi, the classic introduction to India

Imagine sweeping through North India from vibrant Mumbai via world class ancient Ajanta and Ellora sculptures, the desert forts of Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur in Rajasthan, then the Taj Mahal and other Mughal monuments in Agra, ending in Delhi — with an option to continue to Varanasi, the Hindus' most sacred city on the River Ganga. You can ride an elephant, stay in heritage palaces, shop the colourful markets and enjoy sacred places — now, that is a stupendous introduction to India's rich diversity! My classic introductory tour, refined over 27 years, just gets better every year!  Louise@LouisesIndia.com



North India with Sherlock Holmes

And my new trip: February 17 – March 2, 2014   Across North India with Sherlock Holmes

There is nothing like having a theme to help you focus your lens amid the incredible richness of India's history and contemporary cultures. This amazing new trip does just that. It is the best of North India with a Holmesian twist!

If you have ever read a Holmes story, this trip might be for you. And it will certainly be huge fun.

Tailored for the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, but open to all Holmes enthusiasts, our journey will be an experience like no other. As we explore North India from Mumbai to Kolkata to Delhi and Agra, we bring together the Holmesian references to India, enjoy priviledged access to private buildings, and engage Indian Holmesians to share in out experiences - did you know that Conan Doyle is published in a dozen Indian languages and has inspired many Indianmystery writers. Among the many extra events of the trip, we hope to run a short story competition, share a day at the races, stage a 'Just a Minute' style quiz with Holmes and Watson, play a game of cricket, and much more. Our evolving programme may well include a Victorian bathing party, a Holmesian cricket match at a private cricket club, the screening of an Indian-made Sherlock Holmes film, a day at the Kolkata races, and supping specially created Holmes and Watson cocktails at one of India’s legendary private clubs. One thing to know: As on all the Society's adventures abroad, we shall each travel as a character in the Stories and participants will be invited to wear Victorian costume on some occasions (not mandatory), with careful consideration given to weather. So, get right on the case!   Louise@LouisesIndia.com



What the clients say…

Beverley, participant, South India tour: “In my experience, Louise is an extraordinary arranger and conductor of tours to Southeast Asia, most especially India. We were a diverse group from several nations, from sophisticated travelers to wide-eyed first time visitors to exotic places. Somehow, Louise managed to please us all. At the same time, she had very good relations to outstanding Indian personnel and partners, who provided alert and efficient, courteous and charming assistance.”

Margaret, participant, North India tour: “This year I went on my first and long-anticipated trip to India.  From my first inquiry, I was consistently impressed with Louise's ceaseless willingness to do everything possible to make this trip a remarkable experience.  On the trip, at every turn we were the beneficiaries of Louise's foresight, with support based upon long-standing relationships with people there.  A chartered ferry enabled us to be the first visitors to a popular site of ancient caves at an island off Mumbai.  We were the first in line to visit the Taj Mahal.  And so forth.

The difference between this trip with Louise and other trips I have taken under the auspices of cultural institutions, including major museums,  was enormous both in quality and kind.  The combination of Louise's knowledge, resourcefulness and extraordinary solicitousness for the welfare and happiness of her travelers was unforgettable.  This view was shared by everyone who was on our trip.”

Mark, tailor-made trip: “We were recommended to Louise Nicholson as one of the world's leading authorities on India. Her great expertise, savvy and nuanced advice allowed us a privileged view into the historic culture of India as well as its contemporary and rapidly evolving way of life. We are heartily looking forward to a return trip.”

Victor, tailor-made trip: “Louise Nicholson did a superb job of orchestrating our family trip around Rajasthan. She listened to our wish list, made excellent suggestions about what to add and what to skip, and responded with a brilliant plan that wasted no time and accounted for every step. She was spot on about the right level of accommodations — comfortable, but not too insulated from the India we wanted to see. When a last minute problem with our flight to Delhi threatened to unravel much of our plans she repaired everything with one email.

Perhaps most telling was the respect she receives from all the guides and drivers — they know she knows the real story in India. We are itching to go back and wouldn't think of not working with her again.”

Lisa, manager, art institution member tour: “It seems as if Louise has over the years come to know everybody in India, and if you go with her, you will, too.  She is absolutely amazing, and Indian people think so too. When I was searching for someone to lead my institution's trip to India, a leading Indian in the art world said: “Then I suppose you must call Louise Nicholson in NYC.  She has been bringing people here for over 30 years and knows everything there is to know about our country.”

Before the trip, she answered our many question and came to lead a pre-tour weekend seminar. In India, the happiness and welfare of her clients are foremost in her mind at every moment.  She has tremendous energy and is always five steps ahead of your needs.  Our three weeks in India changed our lives.  I came home and couldn't wait to go back again. And then I received an outline listing all of the contacts we had made while there.  Rather than returning home and relaxing, Louise wanted to make sure we could knew where we had been and who we had met - and could contact them if we wished.

I would say that if you didn't hire Louise to take you on your journey to India, you would be missing the chance of a lifetime.”

What the clients do…

Jenny Mitchell: “I loved my first visit to India. If you have about 2 1/2 minutes — here is a slideshow that I put together of our morning at the Taj Mahal. Kind of meditative. This is one of the few times that I had my good camera with my long lens on so I was able to capture the monkeys on the rooftop as the sun was rising. I hope to return to see more of India soon.”

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